Socializing your dog

Socializing your dog:

You can take your dog to the dog park: parks are a great place to meet other dogs, everyone is there for the same reason and it should be a comfortable place for both owner and pet. This is especially important when socializing puppies as it can be awkward at first, as they can be overly excited and overly playful with other dogs and owners.

You can also take your dog to some dog training classes. Here you too can meet other puppy owners and set up play dates for the future.

You should also consider exposing your dogs to many different kinds of people. It is important that they feel conformable with people of different sizes and ages. It may also become apparent that they are more weary of people in hats or big boots, this will also be important ground to cover.

It is also good for them to get used to people jogging, running, skate boarding and people exercising in general. This is also important when it comes to exposing them to people in wheel chairs.

You should always take these steps in a calm and patient manner. Keep new experiences short and sweet. It will be important to minimize trauma and to maximize the positive aspects of the experience.

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