We bought a Dog Pacer after meeting a representative from the company at one of the recent Kennel Club dog shows that we attended.  We already had seen the products and spoken to various breeders that we know, both at home in the UK and in Europe, regarding both exercising our dogs, and regarding the benefits of dog treadmills.  After giving the product much careful deliberation and thought, and after speaking to many users/owners, we decided to give one a try.


We were pleasantly surprised and so too were the dogs, some of whom instantly took to it with an excited bound, ending up running at 12Kmh, and others that took two or three slow sessions to become accustomed to the unusual feeling of running, but not going anywhere!  Before being happy to run along at speeds matching the others!


All eight of our dogs have now started to ask to go on the treadmill, howling and barking with excitement when they enter the room it lives in!  After a couple of months, especially through  the summer – our dogs are Arctic Breeds, so running them inside an air-conditioned building is the only option in the mild UK weather! – the benefits experienced by both the dogs, in terms of their mental health, and physical fitness; and by ourselves in terms of watching the dogs enjoying the exercise opportunity and challenge, more than paid for the cost of the treadmill.


The fact that the DogPACER is both easily adjustable, in terms of height and speed of the belt, and suitable to clean with ‘Dettol’ – disinfectant, after boys have marked!


We all, including the boys and girls who use it daily throughout the summer, experienced the benefits of the exercise and mental stimulation, involved with the treadmill, and would not hesitate in recommending the use of a DogPACER, as a very beneficial tool to accompany daily walks!

Jake & Sophie - Arctic Skies

, UK

All my huskies train with dogPacer, its a great addition to their regular walks, play and exercise. Its also perfect for very hot summer days when they like to laze on my cool patio or windy rainy days when I give them shorter walks. My dogs are always in peak condition to run and their condition is clear in the show ring regardless of the time of year.


, UK

Thank you so much for the wonderful service. The dogs are so happy and so are we!

Castellum Mare Cavaliers

, Portugal

I am happy with my dogPacer, the dogs seem to enjoy going on it too which is great!


, UK

It has arrived and is in use – many thanks again 😀 This (old) man never tires on his walks but loves the treadmill, as do we as he then sleeps 😂

, UK

 It’s perfect (the dogpacer) we are very happy with it!

, Belgium, België, Belgique, Belgien

 It’s excellent, she even loves sitting on it!

, UK

I bought a dog pacer last year as part of my digs fitness program. They get their daily walks, and off lead time but in the summer when hot it’s hard. My 4 absolutely love the treadmill and wait for it to start. They all do their sessions on there everyday and if I skip a day they sit on it looking miserable!!! It’s been amazing in the rehabilitation of my young girl too as I have been able to assess her movement from all angles and she has been able to excerise without the strain of pulling on the lead.

, UK

I am very happy with my DogPacer, I use it regularly with a variety of different breeds ranging from French Bulldogs up to very large working breeds. My dogs all get a lot of outdoor exercise yet they really seem to love their time on the dogPacer!!!

, Bulgaria, Bulgariya, Bălgarija, България

We have a dogpacer treadmill  for several years now. Good prize, good quality, perfect for our dog club for bringing our dogs into shape to perform on top International level.

Can recommend it, specially to all the working dog people.


, Belgium, België, Belgique, Belgien

I had my male Kyto on the Pacer and then Pinky just jumped on the back and started walking
Kyto didn’t like it that much 😂😜! I walk my youngest to my eldest with several mobility problems on the dogPacer and they all enjoy it, so much that they can’t wait their turn.


, Netherlands, Nederland, Nederlân

My shih tzu’s love to go on this as do a few of my bullies they get their walks but this just gives them a bit extra if the weather is awful esp in winter


, United Kingdom

Love them and very handy when you are too unwell to take the dogs out.


3yrs on and my guys still love theirs!


, United Kingdom

I am 79 years old . And while I take my paps out I cannot jog with them, they love this treadmill and sit at my feet waiting turns on it. While you can let your dogs free running it’s not the same, even racehorses get their excersise this way and yes they can run. So don’t knock it before you try it. With the amount of dogs being stolen while out , mine are safe with me . I preference to excersise them my way. And it is worth every bit of what it cost. So when we have a heat wave mine will still get exercised.