How to care for your dog while they age

Prepare yourself and observe your dog for signs of aging. Perhaps your dogs coat will begin to loose its color, they may not be as active as they once were, or they may seem as though they are unable to see and hear as well.

During this time it is important to keep your visits to the vet regular, this will ensure that you do not assume that a symptom is simply a sign of aging when it may in fact be a sign of a larger problem. Your vet can provide you with all the advice necessary during this time.

Keep your aging dog exercising. It is important for them physically and mentally. Getting regular exercise will keep your dog happy and healthy. Light walking will be very important at this stage of your dogs life.

As dogs age they often put on weight, it is important to switch them to a lighter food if they begin piling on the pounds. Owners should also pay close attention to the way their elderly dog is eating, they may be struggling with their food. In this case they mat be suffering from a dental condition.

Be sure to show your dog a lot of love and affection as they go through this difficult transition in life, it may be difficult for them to cope with the fact they as less able move, see and play. You can also adapt your home to the fact that they may not be able to see or move as well as they used to. It will be important to keep their food and water in the same place and to make sure that they are easily assessable. Their bed can also be kept downstairs so that they are not forced to face the stairs as often.

It is also important to make sure our aging pets are comfortable, it is important that our aging dogs are able to rest their joints on a comfortable, low laying bed.

Most of all, it is important to enjoy this time with your beloved pet. Do not forget the many years they spent as happy and healthy pups, exploring, playing and creating chaos. Aging is a natural process and owning a dog means that they will always age faster than we do and this is simply part of life.

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