How to keep your dog safe and fit during the winter months

Tips on how to keep your dog safe, warm and fit during the winter

Generally speaking dogs with a short coat are not as well equipped to deal with frigid temperatures as those with long coats and undercoats. Short-legged and toy breeds (like Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs, Whippets and Miniature Pinschers) can also get very cold and they can get very cold very fast in deeper snow. It is also important to remember that very elderly dogs are also more susceptible to the cold. However, there are always to keep your dog fit during the winter.


If you would like to continue your dogs active lifestyle throughout the winter without the health risk of spending prolonged periods outside. Or if your dog has been recently injured and needs rehabilitation. Or if you have been injured and you are unable to run with your dog. Then the dogPacer treadmill and balance equipment are for you this winter!


After your dog has been out for their morning or evening walk, bring them inside for an extra half an hour to an hour of more vigorous exercise using either the dogPacer treadmill, the balance equipment or both. This will help to ensure your dog stays in top condition and fit during the winter months.


The dogPacer is designed to keep your dog learn and build muscle and endurance! The dogPacer is used and trusted by veterinarians, police and fire departments, dog rehabilitationist and top kennels alike! DogPacer was created in 2011 and quickly became the worlds best selling treadmill, winning Top Pet Product of the Year 2012/13 from the World Pet Association. Balance equipment can be used for rehabilitation; injury prevention; promoting better balance; flexibility; quality of movement; muscle building; training small and large muscle groups and promotes mental stimulation and bonding with the owner.

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