How much exercise do dogs need?

How much exercise do dogs need?

How much exercise do I need to give my dogs to stay healthy?

If dogs do not get the amount of exercise they need, they can often begin to exhibit destructive behaviors (for example chewing furniture or clothes, digging holes in the back yard and baking). This is frustrating for both the owner and for the dog, if you have other pets this can have a negative effect on their behavior too. Inactive dogs can also experience weight gain and mental fatigue. Obesity can be hard on your dog’s joints and bones. Dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy.


Active breeds need about 30 to 90 minutes per day of aerobic exercise daily. Dogs such as terriers, herding breeds, hunting breeds and sporting dogs need a lot of exercise, usually high intensity. Even dogs known for their pudgy exterior and lazy behaviors (such as French Bulldogs and Pugs) need exercise to stay in good condition.


Running your dog helps to improve their overall health- it forms muscle, maintain their weight, build up their endurance, it’s good for their heart and mind.


Running your dog on a dogPacer is an effective way to ensure they get their appropriate amount of exercise. The treadmill can be used in any weather and it can even be used if you, as the owner have been injured or you have fallen ill and you can not get out for high intensity exercise with your pet. It can also be used if you dog has sustained an injury and needs rehabilitation for a speedy and healthy recovery.


You should consult your vet and find out what is the appropriate amount of exercise for your dog’s age, health and breed.


Do not forget that dogs also need mental exercise! Balance ball training, food toys and learning tricks can be a great way to exercise your dogs mind.


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