Why is it safer and more effective to run your dog on a dogPacer than on a human treadmill? 

The dogPacer was specifically designed for dogs, with their needs in mind.

The flexible side panels also provide the dog with a focus, they safely prevent the dog from jumping to one side or the other, which is especially important during the first stages of training. This is also the reason for their flexibility, if the dog were to jump onto the side panels, they would not be injured as the side panels are made from a safe, flexible, dog friendly material. The flexible side panels also give the dog tunnel vision so that they remain focused on the exercise and on you, this is important when providing them with encouragement and care.

The computer face is also built specifically for you as the owner, the interface is pointed away from the dog and toward you. This gives you control while being able to care for your dog at eye level during the run. Again, this is especially important during the first stages of training, when your dog will need your reassurance and praise.

Also, a human treadmill is simply not long enough for larger breeds to open their gait to its full extension. This is why we created the LF3.1. We also created the the miniPacer with smaller breeds and smaller spaces in mind. The miniPacer is a great option for those of you with smaller dogs, the miniPacer is much smaller and safer than a human treadmill for these small breeds, especially toy and miniature breeds, for whom a human treadmill may be overwhelming.

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