Tips and tricks on how to protect your dogs paws

How to protect your dogs delicate paws


Especially during very hot or very cold weather


Here are some tips on how to protect your dogs paws. It is important not to walk your dogs on very hot pavement as their paws may burn, in summer it important to be mindful of the temperature when taking your dogs for a walk.


The best time to walk or play with your dogs in the summer is in the morning or in the late evening, when the pavement is cool. It is also a good idea to toughen up your dogs paws by walking your dogs on the cool pavement.


However, if they do become exposed to hot pavement, try soothing the blisters or burns with an antibacterial soap and a loose gauze. And contact your veterinarian for further advice.


If you would like to walk or play with your dogs during warmer times of the day, it is important to stick to grassy areas. A park with plenty of trees and shade is the perfect place to walk your dogs on summer days.


To make sure they get enough exercise during the hot months you can run your dog on the dogPacer treadmill in a cool environment when they return home from their morning or evening walk.


In the winter dogs paws can get dry and cracked. Not only can the cold weather affect their paws, but people often use salts and other chemicals on the roads, which can be toxic to dogs who enjoy licking their paws. You can avoid this by washing and wiping their paws when coming home from a walk.


The dogPacer treadmill can also be used in the winter months for dogs that are susceptible to the cold.


During the harsh weather, you can also try dogs shoes, disposable booties, socks or pads to protect your dogs paws.


The last thing to remember is to moisturize your dogs feet to help prevent injuries, even small cuts can lead to more serious issues. If they do cut their paw however, clean the wound with antibacterial wash, use some anti bacterial cream and wrap with a gauze. If this cut seems serious, please contact your vet for advice. Even if the cut seems minor you should check the cut carefully over the next week and contact your veterinarian if it gets worse or there are any signs of infection.

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