How will my dog benefit from training on a dogPacer treadmill?

How will my dog benefit from training on a dogPacer treadmill?

Let’s talk about the benefits of training on a dog treadmill.

Owning a dogPacer dog treadmill means there is never a day that your dog will not get their required amount of exercise. No matter the weather your dog will be able to enjoy the benefits of exercise and mental release that comes from walking and running. We all know that during the summer months it can be dangerous to exercise your dog outside. Running can be especially dangerous. Extreme temperatures can lead to overheating, which can ultimately lead to death.


In order to avoid hazardous situations you can use the dogPacer treadmill as an alternative form of exercise. Once your dog has been walked or played with outside and given proper hydration, you can follow up by running them on the dog treadmill in a cool environment. This, of course, also applies during the harsh winter months, some dogs (such as whippets, French bulldogs and toy fox terriers) simply aren’t built for very cold temperatures. These dogs simply do not enjoy running out in the rain or snow and it can be dangerous. During the winter months, however, it is still important that they get the proper amount of exercise. In these months a dog treadmill can be used.


The dogPacer treadmill can also be used, following discussion with your medical professional, to rehabilitate dogs who have suffered an injury and are now recovering. On the flip side the treadmill can be used if the owner is suffering from an injury or a disability to ensure that their dogs still gets all the exercise they need during this time.


Running in general benefits your dog in many ways building muscles, endurance, provides mental release and it is great for their heart and lungs. All dogs need exercise, even Pugs and French Bulldogs need more than a quick walk around the block.

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